Bramble Bay Family Day Care


Bramble Bay Family Day Care has operated as a home based Child Care Service, as an activity of the Uniting Church, Sandgate Parish, since 1978.

Prior to this date, (between 1975 and 1977) the service operated as an activity of Merthyr Parish at New Farm.

At that time the service was expanding at a very rapid rate and covered all the suburbs from New Farm to Bald Hills to Brighton and all the suburbs in between.

After much discussion between the Merthyr and Sandgate Parishes, it was decided to consider establishing a service to operate from the Sandgate Uniting Church and cover some of the northern suburbs of Brisbane. To maintain a viable service for Merthyr and Sandgate Parishes, it was decided to relinquish some of the area covered and for Bramble Bay to operate only in the suburbs north of Nundah and gradually build up the services.

Currently, Bramble Bay Family Day Care covers sixteen suburbs north of Nundah.

In 1983, Bramble Bay and Merthyr Family Day Care each relinquished more suburbs in order that a new Service be established at Wavell Heights Uniting Church to cater to all suburbs surrounding Wavell Heights.

Colin and Elva Allardice and others, were instrumental in the establishment of Bramble Bay Family Day Care which commenced operations from the Uniting Church, 41 Deagon Street, Sandgate in 1978.

Family Day Care has increased in popularity as a Childcare Service and today it is seen as a preferred quality Child Care option for many families.

Suitable Educators are selected and registered to care for small groups of children, up to four including their own children under school age, plus three children of school age.

The Educators are supported in their work by a local specialist Co-ordination and Resource Team.

Family Day Care provides learning and development in a safe, secure and stimulating home environment for babies, young children and school aged children.

As part of the National Childcare Framework, Family Day Care abides by State Licensing, National Standards and the National Childcare Accreditation System to ensure that the quality of care being provided is of the highest standard.

This Service has been through the Accreditation process on two occasions and on both occasions has received a High Quality rating.


Educators are required to undergo training and professional development to increase and expand their knowledge of Early Childhood. They have access to leading thinking and the most unique training structure within the Childcare profession.

It is a requirement that Educators must achieve a required amount of professional development training each year in order to remain registered with the Service.

The personal qualities of Educators reflect community diversity of families' values and cultures, empathy, warmth, compassion, flexibility, professionalism and maturity. A commitment to nurturing and caring for children is a major requirement.

Family Day Care understands busy lives and knows that flexibility is key to the well-being of parents and their children. Many Educators are prepared to offer care for shift workers and rostered care, part time, relief care, before and after school care and care that caters to emergency situations.

Operating a Family Day Care business is more than a quality Child Care Service, it is an opportunity to establish your own business and work from home with the benefit of both support and independence.

The Co-ordination Unit

The key role of the Co-ordination Unit is to support and resource the highest standard of Family Day Care for children. Members of the staff are available to discuss the Families Childcare needs, to provide information about Childcare and to assist families to find the most suitable Care Provider and environment for their child.

Educators are visited regularly by Early Childhood professionals to monitor the well-being, learning and progress of each child in care. Monitoring the child's progress and supporting the placement is a priority.

The Co-ordination Unit facilitates the consistency and high quality of all childcare delivered under the Family Day Care banner and works in partnership with Educators to uphold organisational values, meet required Legislation, National Standards and the formal Childcare Quality Assurance system.

Co-ordination Units receive funding support from the Australian Government to support the network of Educators offering quality childcare within each Service.

Management of the Service

A Management Committee consisting of Parents, Educators and Parish members meet on a regular basis to maintain close links with the operation of the Service.

The Management Committee of Bramble Bay Family Day Care directs the overall operation of the Service and is responsible to the Uniting Church Synod.

People interested in becoming a Care Provider or accessing child care can call this number: 3269 4383 and speak to a co-ordinator.

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